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Whether you are preparing to run your first 5k or competing in World Championships, your body needs CLEAN fuel and supplements!

Our bodies can not accomplish great things if they are also fighting toxins and contaminants.

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2-time World Fly Casting Medal Winner
Audrey Wilson

"As an avid competitor, I rely on health and wellness products to help me optimize my mental and physical output. When considering which products to add to my regimen, I look for the Ashford Wellness CLEAN Award. It gives me confidence knowing I am using scientifically tested CLEAN products. Ashford is undoubtedly my go-to!"

Audrey is an active member of the USA Fly Casting Team. In 2022, she won 2 bronze medals for Team USA at the World Fly Casting Championships in Norway. To find out more about Audrey & get professional coaching, check out At First Cast.

4-Time IronMan
Alejandro Selvi

"Extreme sports require extreme training and listening to your body. With all the effort and time I put into being my best, I need products that are the best. Ashford Wellness makes it easy to find products I can trust."

Alejandro is a 4-time Ironman, competing in Ironman triathlons in Utah, North Carolina, Mexico, and Brazil. In addition to his passion for athletic competitions, Alejandro also loves pets and is the founder of PetsRWise, an innovative platform helping pet parents find loving dog walkers and house-sitters. Click below to find out more about PetsRWise.

slackline competitor
AAron Yang

"I discovered my love for slackinging in the midst of the pandemic. I would've never imagined I'd find so much joy in walking a 1-inch piece of webbing. It forces me to block out all distractions and sink into a deep body awareness."

"Slacklining can be physically draining. There are days I wake up and it feels like every muscle hurts. On these days, I reach for AW CLEAN certified products. I don't want my recovery to be sidelined by uknown contaminants".

To find out more about Aaron, check out his slacklining Instagram page.