Clinicians on a mission

Ashford is a women-led team of accomplished and respected physicians, researchers, and patient advocates.

We know the power of premium wellness products, but we also know the industry is plagued with toxins, poisons, and contaminants.

We use our expertise to independently analyze products, award CLEAN products with our seal of approval, and help consumers find products they can trust.

We Uncovered a Dirty Secret!

We have evaluated 100s of products, conducted independent laboratory assessments, and poured over the data.

The bad news is many wellness products FAILED for nasty contaminants, like pesticides.

The good news is that we found some that live up to thier premium quality claims. These products have been awarded the Ashford Wellness CLEAN Award!

Partners on your journey

We understand that every person is fighting their own unique battle. And every battle requires a unique plan of attack.

We believe in a holistic wellness approach, one where many treatments, lifestyle changes, and wellness products work synergistically. Together, they can help us live our best lives.

Integrity & Trust

Ashford is built on a foundation of integrity. We conduct all business with a profound sense of responsibility, transparency, compassion, and dedication to serving.

We pledge to provide up-to-date, factual information; empowering consumers to choose trusted wellness products, unique to their needs.

Research & Advocacy

Ashford actively participates in patient advocacy consortia related to consumer safety, testing, research, and standard-setting.

As leaders in the industry, Ashford clinicians collaborate with world experts, state and federal leaders, and scientists to conduct innovative research and develop public safety programs.