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From seed to sale, we work with the BEST! We ONLY partner with brands, laboratories, and ingredient suppliers dedicated to transparency and consumer safety. If you own a business and are passionate about quality, we encourage you to apply!

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Enhanced Customer Trust

More than anything, on their path to wellness, consumers want to know who to trust. AW CLEAN Certification bolsters trust and confidence that your products are of the highest quality and free from harmful substances.

Competitive Advantage

As the CBD market continues to grow, companies need to differentiate themselves. Having a certification for being CLEAN from contaminants can provide a competitive edge and attract more consumers who are health-conscious and demand high-quality, safe products.

Market Access

Insurance providers, legal teams, advertisers, retailers, and distributors are increasingly demanding independent, 3rd party product evaluations. The AW CLEAN certification can open up new markets and sales channels that wouldn't otherwise be accessible.


- Fabric Products (such as yoga mats, towels, etc),
Delta-10 THC & Synthetic Cannabinoid Products