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CBD and THC: Could They Be Your Menstrual Pain Relief Dream Team?
When it comes to menstrual cramps, most of us would do just about anything to make them go away. Enter THC and CBD. Research has found that both of these compounds have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. What is CBD? CBD, or...
Participating in Dry January? CBD and THC Drinks Could Help
CBD and THC infused drinks are bubbling up all over the place. From Dry January to legal weed, the beverage market is being forced to adapt with new cannabis-infused beverages. But what is the difference between hemp (CBD) beverages and...
What is Delta-8: Is it safe and legal?
You may be seeing Delta-8 products at corner stores, groceries, and upscale boutiques. Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10 are all THC compounds and are commonly found in products like gummies and edibles. In this article, we will focus on Delta-8 THC. What really is Delta-8 THC, how is it made, and is it safe?